Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Hillary mystery solved -- at what cost?

We now know who's responsible for the above ad mashup. It's one Phil De Vellis, aka ParkRidge47, who, despite our theory was likely a Republican, was actually an Obama supporter. At this early point, though, there's no indication he was actually connected to the Obama campaign.

Either way, though, Hillary Clinton just scored a victory without a vote cast. The ad and its creator have given her a sympathy stream from voters, who are casting a bit of a frown at Obama because of it. Politics is fleeting, so whether the reactions will continue to build are hard to say.

It also bodes badly for the other candidates. Will someone else try a similar ad? Probably.

The campaign bloodletting just hit a new level.

Serving at the pleasure of the president

Jon Stewart did a wonderful bit on the phrase "serving at the pleasure of the president." Well worth seeing.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rush the most unfavorable conservative "journalist"?

A poll reported by Rasmussen Reports shows Katie Couric the most respected journalist in the country with 48% favorable/42% unfavorable. Bill O'Reilly follows with 44/41, with Tim Russert, Brian Williams and Paula Zahn next in line. Noticeable fourth from the bottom -- the lowest rating for a conservative -- is Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh rates 33% favorable/62% unfavorable? (For the record, Chris Matthew, Maureen Dowd and Alan Colmes scored less favorably than Rush.)
Still, for Mr. Excellence in Broadcasting , this has to be a shock.
Is Limbaugh a journalist? Hardly. But after his pill/drug headlines, maybe that's why he's not doing so well.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Fox News ad boycott?

Patrick Goodenough (great name ... sheesh) of is complaining that "the left-wing Daily Kos blog has been driving a campaign to have companies pull ads from Ann Coulter's website after the conservative author used a slur in a recent speech, but leftist websites -- including Daily Kos -- have themselves used the offending word in the past." Here's the link.
Hate to break this to you, Patrick, but your beloved Fox has been plastering that slur all over their website any chance they get in reference to this story.

Here are the links we currently found on their site:,2933,257745,00.html,2933,257843,00.html,2933,257841,00.html,2933,256860,00.html,2933,256949,00.html,2933,256650,00.html,2933,256741,00.html,2933,256623,00.html,2933,256629,00.html,00.html

Fox News has used the F-word at every opportunity to keep the thought in the minds of their sheep ... er, fans.

Maybe it's time for an ad boycott of Fox News.

Just say no!!

If we need a poster boy to tell kids why they shouldn't use drugs, we just found one. Don't know who that is? It's Eddie Van Halen, in a pic taken earlier this week. How sad.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Stop it, Fox News

In the first few hours after the Scooter Libby verdict was announced, Fox News did backflips to avoid the heart of the matter -- that Libby was convicted on four of five counts.
In a clip on the Fox website, Sean Hannity no sooner mouthed words of the verdict then he started questioning the trial through jurors' comments, Democrats pouncing (to use his term) to inform President Bush that Libby that shouldn't be pardoned and whether "any of this" was necessary. Hannity began his questioning a mostly conservative panel by saying "none of this was necessary."
News analysis is one thing, bending the news to fit your agenda is another. This is renewed evidence that Fox News is playing apologist for the White House.
Anyone who defends Fox News as an impartial news source is delusionally stupid. It's not impartial at all. The bias is clear. You can't trust Fox News. Period.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Advertisers pulling ads from Coulter's website

Nothing like free market American businesses putting their money (or lack of it) where their mouth is. God bless America!

CNN story says Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank want their ads pulled from Ann Coulter's Web site following customer complaints about comments regarding John Edwards.

"Per our policy, the networked Web site ad purchases are supposed to be stripped of certain kinds of Web sites," said a Verizon spokesperson. "This one could be considered an extreme political Web site, should be off the list, and now it is off the list."

A Sallie Mae spokesperson said the company was only testing an online advertising agency, and that their ads were not meant to show up on Coulter's site. The company said they planned to pull ads from other political and religious Web sites as well.

A spokesperson for NetBank said Coulter's page "is not the kind of site we want to be on."

Coulter, for once, had nothing to say. Unusual.

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