Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Glad all over

It's been what -- a week now since the Dave Clark Five were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame and we can't help smiling.
We've watched the ceremony -- Tom Hanks' wonderful introduction (we'd love to know who wrote that), Dave Clark's gracious tribute to his bandmates and the fun jam session at the end of the group's music.
We wish the three survivors members had played with them. For that matter, we wish all of the band could have been there.
The music of the Dave Clark Five has been a forgotten treasure. Clark himself is responsible for that for not keeping the music available. But in all likelihood, he was cagily waiting for the demand to rise again.
It has. With the group's induction, people want to hear the music again, not in bits and pieces. A single disc compilation with two unreleased tracks is on
itunes and will be in retail stores eventually. And maybe some of those clips shown during the induction ceremony can be compiled into a DVD.
While numerous '60s groups have continued to exist in splintered lineups and seen demand for their music dwindle, the DC5, who lived in the Beatles' shadown for years, haven't done anything and now the demand is coming to them. Dave Clark is looking smarter all the time.
Now, who's glad all over?

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