Thursday, February 5, 2009 meltdown

As internet outposts go, the message board is not on the edge of space, it's way past it. Some of the loopiest wingnuts on the seven seas are there. And the mods are as crazy as they are.

Today is probably the best example of that. They're really sensitive to what they call contempt of host. For some reason, Sean Hannity seems to attract people to that board that just don't like him. (Can't imagine why.) So apparently there was considerable activity in a thread by what was considered a troll. A moderator ruled:


I have not finished going through all of the threads created by the troll yet. Here is the deal. When I am done.....
1) Any name that appears in Bold with an * next to it will be getting a 96 hour timeout for Contempt of HOST (quoted).
2) Any name that appears more than once will be getting a 24 hour time out plus an additional 24 hours for each time it appears.
3) Any name that appears once will be getting a 24 hour time out.

The list of offenders numbered 4o separate individuals.

Well, losing 40 members at one time is a chunk, even for a big site like Hannity's, that claims to have over 80,000, though not all of them are active, certainly and many have been banned. Still, with a number of banned posters like that, you could have a public relations problem on your hands, Mr. Hannity.

So a different verdict was certainly in order. So about an hour after the post above, the same mod posted this:

That is what should happen to these members. I am, however, going to take another approach. I will not do anything.... but warn them. If they ever respond to another obvious violation (post or thread) again they will simply eat a ban. This post will serve as the only warning to them which will be made.

Cooler heads -- or higher authorities -- prevailed. Probably the latter.

So it's a lesson for all you folks at Hannity or considering signing up there. Be careful (or fearful) of what you post. If a mod is in the wrong mood, you could get spanked. (Unless that's your idea of fun).

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On the verse quoted by Obama to support raising taxes: PLEASE, I have no one comment on the fact that this verse has NOTHING, to do with TAXES OR MONEY. It is completely out of context. Read it!
It refers to punishment, or stripes for how much knowledge one had for the offence - this would determine the amount of punishment.


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